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Techniques of marketing Food industries - TC@ - Site de Cambrai

ECTS credits : 120
4 semesters

Domain : Law, Economics, Management

Career opportunities

The DUT TCIAA provides the grounding for entry into working life on an average salary with the possibility of attaining a top executive position. Graduates of this course can usually find employment in :

  • department manager in a supermarket or hypermarket
  • business specialist in trade (in bulk and retail wholesale)
  • national and international food industry salesperson
  • creation of individual businesses within small and medium sized industry in sales management

Further studies

After the fourth semester there is the possibility of entering the second level of higher education: business school, degree, Masters or PhD, specialised courses in the packaging, international diploma...

IUT - Institut Universitaire de Technologie
Le Mont Houy

Place(s) of the course

Centre Universitaire "La Forêt"
6 rue de Rambouillet
59400 Cambrai


Formation initiale à temps plein

Secrétariat - Tel : + 33 3 27 72 33 19 / + 33 3 27 72 33 18